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Elisa Sassi Elisa Sassi, born in São Paulo (Brazil) has lived in London, Lisbon and settled down (for now) in San Francisco. She has exhibited in three of those four cities (Lisbon was left out, maybe too much fun at the time), does a lot of advertising work (Nike, Samsung, XBox, Fiat), magazine covers, children books, clothes, toys and so it goes. She has been drawing since as far back as she can remember. What changes is the media, the way to look at the world and the maturity of her bunnies.
A hands-on approach to exploring the human mind Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy theories, principles, and experiments of psychology into tedious discourse that even Freud would want to repress. Psych 101 cuts out the boring details and statistics, and instead, gives you a lesson in psychology that keeps you engaged - and your synapses firing.
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One frame
One frame
Reza Alavi Illustration by Melodie Hojabr Saddat
Visual Designer April 1st 1976 Tehran, Iran
Global Bay Mobile Devices User Interface Design
aio attract loop
Store of the
Social Wall
moto x
Digital Campaign Michigan Ave Store, Chicago
Appointment Scheduler AT&T's DARPU
100 year anniversary of Schiphol airport digital campaign Amsterdam
A Heart of Colors
PIXELBOX “Reza Alavi is an artist and designer whose work embodies exuberance, vitality and a celebration
of life.
His maximalist vision combines the bright and bold aesthetic of popular culture, and his motion work exhibits a
sophisticated and confident approach to the challenges of kinetic design.” Alessandro Imperato
As a project for the media theory class, I designed an iphone app which calculates how much you have the potential for being a terrorist in an attempt to use irony as a way to raise awareness of terrorism stereotyping. A result of completing the app the user is taken to a is randomly introduced to another person who has used the app and is asked whether you think they are a terrorist and if you say “no” the app will allow you to be introduced on Facebook. 
Noah's Ark is a simple ipad drag and drop game regarding how to rescue the animals before the flood reaches them. This game is designed for 3 to 5 year olds to become more familiar with the prophets’ story.
POSTERS I have never got an order for designing a poster and never chosen this format to present my ideas; I am not into posters and I don’t choose them as a good medium to freely express on a flat and limited surface! In the year 2004 I got an award from the 8th tehran international poster biennial for designing the new Iraqis flag poster and it became a starting point, nevertheless designing posters never was my professional expertise.
If Shousa Would Be Educated? Shousa is an iPad Non-Linear story game represents Iranian women for the last 200 years. They have the same destiny, no matter if they are educated or not.
MOSHAMA® Identity design
Chick'N'Jick iPad Game
Khorshid Multimedia Identity Design
Alavi Bros’ Company
Savannah Film Festival
movie bumper
More coins, more thoughts, more scores and find out how we progress in this kingdom. Because we are ALAVI BROS’ COMPANY. Reza Alavi and Amir Alavi intend to pass all the levels of this kingdom. Our goal is to be a leader and catch the maximum score in each level. Design is our power and we leap over all the stages with our distinctive point of view. ALAVI BROS’ COMPANY is a virtual digital family was created based on the power of experiences in Digital Design‘s Kingdom. In fact, we are trying to be one of the pioneers in designer toys world. We unlocked all the levels we passed through to have a glimpse of our new creative, artistic skills. Your opinion is our checkpoint and your likes will boost our distinctive multicultural taste for keeping our speed and defeat our obstacles. We believe that we will be in princess castle soon.
Mamma Mia
What makes a superhero? Is it just a cape, mask, and muscles? Our young detective friend and his seafaring sidekick don’t have any of those but they are regarded as superheroes almost all over the world. MOSHAMA’s COMIX are what happen when you take American super power infuse it with European brains. Now, finally, they will be noticed in America as well – as they put on their capes and spandex, and start working out!
The Pixel Prophets come to show us the history of their prophecy. They are the most famous prophets in history and each of them has their own remarkable story. Even though they were trying so hard to guide people in a good way, they were attacked by the people in their time. We believe that there is more to them than what we’ve learned about them. We wish they were here to answer all the questions that we have for them today, because all the stories and teachings just leave us with a low resolution image of who they were.
Mickerix & Obemick came into existence after our two favorite Gaulish friends went to the happiest place on earth for a holiday. Somehow, mysteriously, they were transformed by the magical powers of the park into westernized versions of themselves.
A lonely inflatable clown is the only one left standing in a circus. The inflatable circus and all its employees are going to be flat today. We don’t want them to leave us, and so we captured the moment. Don’t worry, all the other members of the inflatable circus knew that today was the last day of their job. This is part of the show. You will see the last day of the other circus members in the near future.
Don’t even think about taking all of these pills at once! They will kill you easily! The correct dosage is once daily for a week, and they will cure all your wounds. You may start with Adderall 88, and finish with Hanzicillin (which is a very cunning antibiotic). Be Healthy friends…
MOSHAMA’s Persian Kitties are a magical breed with bright colors and mysterious patterns on their coats. The Kitties love all the different ethnic groups of the region and that’s why their designs reflect different cultures.
The MilliHeads
Each of us has a million heads – sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re sad, or angry, or relaxed, or any one of a million emotions. The Milliheads are a lot like us, except that they show all their heads at the same time. They also have great taste in shoes.
Moshama Augmented Reality iPhone App
Be amazed as magical animals come alive right on your phone. Owning a zoo is costly and messy, but Zookazam has created the solution: a no-order, no-hassle, maintenance-free virtual zoo. Carry around a baby panda and learn about the very real dangers your newest companion is in: education coexist with an augmented reality app -Zookazam brings this unrealized dream to life.Be amazed as magical animals come alive right on your phone. Owning a zoo is costly and messy, but Zookazam has created the solution: a no-order, no-hassle, maintenance-free virtual zoo. Carry around a baby panda and learn about the very real dangers your newest companion is in: education coexist with an augmented reality app -Zookazam brings this unrealized dream to life.
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I am ambidextrous; I can write with my right hand and draw with my left hand. This is totally connected to the left and right side of the brain, which controls emotion and logic, and the reason I am doing  Visual Design. Visual Design is the combination of art and science. It is the art of the 21st century, and it is the science of communication. In addition, I like to communicate with new forms of art and design through new media. I believe in simplicity. I believe working simply is extremely difficult and complex. I always look for an outstanding idea which can communicate to the audience easily and simply, as well as find a good solution for a simple design. Color is the other point that I always try to have in all of my artworks. My opinion about color is connecting to life. I know that we cannot live without colors and I believe colors give life vitality. I am alive and my artworks should be alive too. Watching is completely different than observing. I always look around myself to find a good idea which will help me in my life and my artworks. I promised myself to find a good idea every day even if I wouldn’t use it in an artwork. Finding a good idea helps me train my brain to see the nature of life and bring it to my life as an accomplishment. My unusual sort of watching subjects has always helped me to achieve my goals and progress along my path.